Welcome to Kanani Port & Shipyard

Kanani Port & Shipyard (KPSL) has grown to take a forefront lead in Shipbuilding activities in India with an extremely well organized infrastructure in marine industry. KPSL serves by building up its own in-house strong asset base comprising of specialized capital equipments and vessels such as work & accommodation barges, tugs, supply vessels, multicast etc. as per international standards.

Leading Manufacturer of Passenger Vessels, Barges, Container Ships, Dredgers, Refrigeranted Fishing Vessels, Tugs, Chemical Tankers, Multi-purpose Vessels, Ro / Ro Vessels, Ferries, Bulk And Ore Carrier, Icebreakers, Fishing Vessels, Inland Waterway Vessels, Special Service Crafts, Pontoons,Yachts, High-speed Crafts in Marine Industry.

Kanani shipyard complex is located on the coast of Gujarat.

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